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Publications in the Washington Post

Writing about and photographing wildlife is my passion but I did not know that until later on in my life.  Once the bug caught, I could not let it go.  While I have been published numerous times throughout the years, in newspapers, magazines, tourism websites and even a photo on…

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One Morning in Yellowstone

One Morning in Yellowstone During one morning in Yellowstone, this past weekend, I encountered the circle of life – from death of the elderly due to natural causes, to the feeding of the living, to new life. Beginning during the early morning hours, well before dawn, I watched as the…

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Wolf Documentaries in France and Germany

During most of 2017 and until April 15 of 2018, I had the privilege of providing stock footage for two wolf documentaries that will be airing on ARTE – France/German public television.  That meant that I had to film the wolves every chance I got!  Here is the story of…

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Yellowstone Blog

Wild horses near Yellowstone

  About 70 miles from the East entrance to Yellowstone National Park is another sort of paradise in the Badlands of Wyoming where approximately 100 wild mustangs roam on BLM,…
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Flickers Return to Yellowstone

Flicker While photographing the three moose yesterday morning, this Flicker came and landed in a very artistic tree and posed for me for a few minutes. He has that faint…
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Mountain Bluebird on snow covered sagebrush

  One of the many delights of Spring in Yellowstone is the return of the Mountain Bluebird.  One day, while driving through the park, one might suddenly see hundreds of…
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Wild Wolves of Yellowstone

            Research Wolf, 755M has become the Casanova of Yellowstone Yellowstone National Park provides visitors with the unusual opportunity of watching wolves in the wild.…
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