Publications in the Washington Post

Writing about and photographing wildlife is my passion but I did not know that until later on in my life.  Once the bug caught, I could not let it go.  While I have been published numerous times throughout the years, in newspapers, magazines, tourism websites and even a photo on billboards, and every one of them felt great, nothing compared to my first publication in the Washington Post.  Unfortunately, for business purposes, I am not much of a salesperson or horn tooter, but this story was the number one news story in the world, for the entire day.  And, a presidential election was going on!  What made me feel good about this was the number of people who cared about the true story and cared about the bison calf.  We have a lot of people who truly care about our nation’s wildlife and it is through my stories, photographs and private wildlife tours that I attempt to bring them closer to knowing about nature, one person at a time.

I have now been fortunate enough to have published two stories in the Washington Post and could not contain my excitement when asked to write about the wolves.  See below.

Have also published numerous images and some video in this newspaper, as well as in many others.

To see the entire story, please select the link below – this is just a screen catch from the webpage.  I have since been published in the Post a few more times and it is always an honor.

My story about the bison calf, published in the Washington Post