Part Red-Dog

In the lead with mom

Part Red-Dog

This is the mostly red dog that I saw a few days ago, and its pretty mama – she is thin but has beautiful eyes. And, her little girl looks like a cub. Next to the calf, is another calf, about normal size for this time of year. Quite a difference.

I did get to see the Wapiti pack this morning, with the white alpha and the new alpha male, 1014. I’m tickled for 1014 and he is so people and road shy that he might have a huge influence on this pack.

Also, saw the 1005 group, aka 8 Mile sub-group, with 1106! 1106 is a very large 2 year old (soon to be 3) gray male that dispersed from the Wapiti Lake pack. I’m not sure that they know who all is there but I saw 4 blacks and 2 grays – some say there was a third gray as well. It is very possible that 1106 took one of his brothers with him but one thing is for sure, he did real good in taking over this group. And, it is exciting to see some of the Wapiti wolves dispersing amongst the northern range, where we know that they are around. In the past, most of the Canyons and Wapitis have dispersed and just disappeared. 

Spent most of the afternoon hoping to see some Lamar wolves but I am thinking that they have had some bad encounters with humans this winter and are not going to spend much time in our company. I do believe people also saw the Junctions but don’t know if the 8 Miles were seen. Biggest wolf day this year. The elk and bison are all close to the road and this deep snow makes it difficult for them to escape – that and the ice.