Fox with a Prize

All Mine, says the fox

He got the prize

When I was watching the wolves on the carcass yesterday, I went up the hill from the pullout for a better angle and to get away from the chaotic noise. It was quite nice except then people kept stopping to ask me what was going on. I tried to be nice and tell them wolves but then they wanted to talk further and so I had to excuse myself and get back to my work. Never a fun position to be in. 

This fox appeared way below, looking like an orange spec going across the snow, heading towards the carcass. When it arrived, the fox sat and watched the three wolves for a little while, before going to inspect for possible food sources.

The black pup had drug the carcass up the hill, while the other two tugged at the other end, wanting to get further away from us. Once on the hill and under a tree, a big yellow bus came and stopped in the road, spooking the pup off. So, after all of that work, the pup lost out. The gray adult got a nice big piece and ran up the hill with that and the pup chewed on something in the snow. 

The fox disappeared and then suddenly I spotted it coming up the hill towards me. Sweet! I told myself. I was up the road by myself and would have a clear shot if the fox came to the road. To my horror and amazement some regulars pulled right up and parked in the road, in the path of the fox, which included a nearly vertical hill to get to the road. And, then got out and stood above the fox and filmed it as it came up and crossed in front of their car and kept on going, back into the snow instead of on the road. Because, also, feet were running down the road behind and past me to chase after fox pics. I was a little bit shocked because this was a combo of watchers and photographers, many of whom have a whole lot to say about everyone else. Anyway, was in the right place at the right time but was soon blocked – although it was pretty good as the fox came up the hill. I did feel bad when it looked up and saw the SUV parked in its path and then looked around, trying to decide what to do. That had been a long trek with a heavy load. Anyway, I picked up my gear and returned to the car, once again bowing out of the chaos. 

Such a pretty fox – and a three dog day on a foxy Friday.

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