Bison and the Road in Yellowstone

Half Red Dog in March 2019

Bison on the run

I fell in love with this little red dog! It is beginning to turn brown and both it and mom look very good. Mom is actually quite beautiful.

This group was traveling the road in Little America and they were one of the ones that were hard to get around because they kept running. Plus, there was one mean cow that was knocking a young bull into the snow bank. I had finally gotten around them and to a pullout when this huge truck came through and panicked them. He was following closely and gunning the engine but not going terribly fast at all. They just were a spooky bunch. The group finally hit the snowbank and the truck was able to get around. Very tough when the bison are like this because they waste so much energy and there is nothing we can do for them. Most bison will calmly step to the other side of the road and let you pass. But, there are always a few that make it hard. I’ve found that getting past them works best because then they settle down. But, it looks like I am being mean in the process. Just don’t like to see them running on icy roads.

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