A Wapiti Wolf

Wapiti Lake pup, Elk Creek 2019

Wapiti wolves

Here is another image of some Wapiti wolves from the recent carcass. The gray was going to join the black pup that had run off when it was spooked by the bus. You can barely see the black – its gold eyes – if you look to the left.

The rest of the pack has been around recently – I saw their tracks when going into the park a few mornings ago and knew that they had a carcass but couldn’t find the thing. And, I wasn’t in the mood for being the cause of a circus surrounding them so just went on. More people are aware now, not because I told them, so it is okay to mention this. They might have been seen today but I didn’t go in to the park. Though, I am anxious to see who is there since we know that seven males have dispersed and that these pups and adult are not with the pack at the moment. That is normal for the Wapitis – in true Canyon fashion, she loses parts of her family from time to time. I would think that the current number, with these four gone, would be somewhere between 7 and 9. They now have 4 working collars and so are easier to keep track of.

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